4 steps to clean your pets teeth

Dog biting toothbrush

How the team at Vets in the Village, St Lucia, brush our pets teeth! Good dental care is essential for your pet’s health & happiness! Just like humans, brushing your pet’s teeth is considered gold standard method of removing nasty plaque and bacteria. It might not be the answer pet owners want to hear, but […]

The surprising reason dogs lick their paws in St Lucia

dog lick paws st lucia

Hey St Lucia Community, does your pet lick or chew their paws? Do they lick SO MUCH they now have brown discolouration on their paws?   You’re not alone. For a lot of pets in St Lucia, licking their paws is an obsession! And for owners, it’s a constant source of frustration (is it just […]

Tick Season Alert

Dog on chair

As we approach the warmer months, the team at Vets in the Village wanted to remind owners that ticks will be coming out in full force! We are witnessing our first cases of tick paralysis this season, and this will only get worse in the coming months. So here is your timely reminder to ensure […]

Chocolate toxicity

Chocolate and pets are a bad mix. Inside this blog, we provide some helpful guidance on chocolate toxicity.

Should I brush my pets teeth?

Yes you should! Tooth brushing is very important for your pets dental health – we’ve provided some helpful tips inside this article.