Good dental care is essential for your pet’s health & happiness! Just like humans, brushing your pet’s teeth is considered gold standard method of removing nasty plaque and bacteria. It might not be the answer pet owners want to hear, but brushing can significantly improve their quality of life. The sooner you start the better chance we have of keeping your pets smiling.

  1. get them use to touching the face. Get your pet used to gently touching its muzzle and jaw. Follow this with a treat, reward and lots of praise.
  2. start with your finger. Use something yummy to start with such as peanut butter (make sure it is xylitol free). Let your dog lick it from you finger and as they get more comfortable extend your finger down the sides of the mouth. Then do the same with toothpaste. Repeat for several days.
  3. introduce the toothbrush. Place peanut butter on the soft pet toothbrush and allow your pet to lick it from the brush. Then introduce the toothpaste and do the same thing. Repeat for several days.
  4. start brushing! Gently hold back your pets lips, brush the outside of each tooth moving the brush gently in a circular motion with the brush at a 45 degree angle. When confident concentrate on the area when the gum meets the tooth. Talk to your dog in a sooth voice and give lots of treats as rewards.

The best time to start tooth brushing is as a puppy, from 8-12 weeks of age. While they do not need maintenance this young, it is important your pet becomes familiar with the routine and learn from a young age. Please pause while your pet is losing their baby teeth as their mouth will be a bit sore. Once all the permeant teeth have grown through you can start back again.

Vets in the Village recommend toothpastes approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, such as Petsmile toothpaste. Please DO NOT USE human toothpaste on your pet, as this contains fluoride. Please purchase a soft bristled tooth brush (e.g. a childs’ toothbrush) or a pet friendly toothbrush.

Be patient. Take time and give lots of praise and treats. It is a new experience for your pet and making it an enjoyable experience for both of you. Try to have practice sessions at the same time each day so your pet gets into a routine and offer a reward afterwards to make it an enjoyable experience.

Just like humans, brushing your pet’s teeth daily is recommended. We understand this can be challenging so please do it as frequently as possible in your life schedule. If struggling to perform this daily, please add in dental prescription diets (eg. Royal canin dental) and dental treats (eg. Oravet) to help improve your pets chances of enjoying good oral health.