Do you like chocolate?

Because I bet your pet does too.

As a vet, Easter means two things. Chocolate AND a lot of questions about pets eating chocolate. So I thought I would unwrap everything you need to know about the sweet stuff to keep your pets safe this holiday season.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs.

It contains a compound called ‘theobromine’ which pets can’t metabolise like humans can. It acts as a central nervous system stimulant, causing seizures and vomiting & diarrhea if ingested. BUT don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems…

Fact #1 it depends on the type of chocolate

The darker and more bitter the Chocolate, the more dangerous it is. That means Cocoa powder (used for cooking) and dark chocolate are the worst. White chocolate on the other hand rarely poses any threat of toxicity.

Fact #2 it depends how much was eaten

Luckily, the amount of chocolate a pet has to eat is surprisingly high. This means if your pet gets into your Easter egg stash, they may be okay. Contact your veterinarian to run the calculations and see if they have reached toxic doses.

Fact #3 time is crucial

If you catch your pet in the act and get them to us in time, we have drugs to make them vomit and bring up all the chocolate (sorry doggo). We only have a short window however, so contact us immediately if concerned.

Fact #4 cats are special

In my whole career I haven’t seen a cat eat chocolate! They surprising don’t have a sweet tooth and tend to stick away from chocolate (but please keep an eye out just in case).

Wishing you all a very happy Easter! We hope you enjoy your time with friends, family and furr babies.

Warm Woofs,

Dr Ellen