Puppy Preschool

Helping your puppy put their best foot forward

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Vets in the Village

Whilst owning a puppy can be a wonderful, fun and rewarding experience, we also know it can be overwhelming at times. At Vets in the Village, we’re here to help! Our puppy consultations help set your best friend up with the best start to life. We offer puppy packs with everything you need to know. Our expert staff take the time to sit down and guide you through this pack answering any questions you have along the way. Topics include what’s the best food for my puppy, toilet training, vaccinations, preventatives, when to desex, how to socalise and so much more.

Vets in the Village

Our preschool

Whether your puppy is big or small, puppy preschool helps teach basic commands for good manners, socalisation skills and training in a controlled and safe environment. We provide education tools and information you need to help raise a healthy, happy and well behaved pet.

The course costs $155, which includes 4 in person training sessions, take-home materials, treats, and graduation photos. 

Contact us on 07 3377 3400 or [email protected] to secure your spot for our next intake.