The surprising reason dogs lick their paws in St Lucia

dog lick paws st lucia

Hey St Lucia Community, does your pet lick or chew their paws? Do they lick SO MUCH they now have brown discolouration on their paws?   You’re not alone. For a lot of pets in St Lucia, licking their paws is an obsession! And for owners, it’s a constant source of frustration (is it just […]

St Lucia Pawty’s, Easter and Heart Saving Surgey!

group of dogs in St Lucia

Welcome to another edition of the Village Bark from Vets in the Village St Lucia. This month has been pawsome, with St Lucia community events and birthdays, new staff, and a life saving surgery. This month we have an extra special patient of the month who underwent a world leading surgery for a weakened heart. […]

Vets in the Village – why do dogs hide under the couch?

dog on couch at Vets in the Village

Two questions we commonly get asked at Vets in the Village are: Q: Why does my pet love to hide under the bed and couch? Q: Why do they prefer this rather than sitting with me? Well, Paddington certainly does! (If I’m looking for Paddington, the first place I look is always under the couch) […]